Amorphous Plus: Blobs Attacks!

Remember the giant sword that this Final Fantasy character wielded? Here’s your chance to be that guy and take on hordes and hordes of mutant blob slimes! Your avatar moves towards your mouse cursor and when you click, the avatar swings his mighty sword, cutting any nearby slime into tiny splattery pieces!

The main mode is an attack against a set number of slimes which you must defeat in order to win the map. There’s also an accompanying beastiary book which you may peruse at your own leisure. The action is fun and intense without being overbearing and there’s a definite challenge to be had when playing the main mode. A good game that’s perfect for short coffee-break sessions!


Assault Fleet: Planetary Invasion

Want to play more of Homeworld but left with nothing new to try?

Go for Assault Fleet! A Great real-time tactical strategy game! In the game, you position and spawn your own fleet of spacecraft as they automatically attack the nearest enemy. Defeat all defending fleet  of space craft to win the mission and move on. There’s a research tree for unlocking new and improved units and there’s great strategy in the timing and placement of new spacecraft fighting for your side.  Overall a GREAT game that’s playable in 3 ~ 5 minute short sessions. Go play!

White Ninja Vs the World

Quick, who’s more deadly: A White-clothed Ninja or a Black-clothed Ninja?

The answer is DEFINITELY a White-clothed Ninja in the game Dojo of Death, where your player-controlled White-Ninja follows your mouse cursor and performs a dash-slash attack whenever your left-mouse button is clicked.

It’s a load of fun and playable in short bursts due to its score-attack nature.

Overall, lots of fun to be had considering its price of admission is F-R-E-E.

Available now from Kongregate!

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